Tasker & WG broadcast to KWCH not working

Issue: both tasker variable and Webget variable do not show on watch

Galaxy watch 4
phone samsung galaxy s20 FE, android 13, one ui 5.1
tasker ver 3.75b410013

i have mentioned before that tasker vars do show up in the editor but not on the watch. Frank mentioned he was/is working on the issue
Lately they do not even show up in the editor? Did something change for the worse?

So i tried using webget. The webget values show up in the editor. but also do not show on the watch. i use the $wg(“url”,txt)& to store the json reply in a global variable. Then i use $tc(json, gv(json), “variabletoshow”)& to display separeate json vars in different text fields. Please see the editor screenshot. every text field below the time makes use of webget and or is a $tc substract from the webget.
Also see the image of the galaxy watch4. you see that the values are not visible.

It makes me wonder if i have a setting wrong on the watch that prevents it from displaying. i believe i have enabled the global settings. i forgot where to change them but i did.

Hope you can find the solution frank :slight_smile:
Let me know if i can test anything for you. i really want these functions to work so i can buy your app and use it every day of the rest of my life

I don’t think webget and Tasker variables are currently working. Webget is not supported while the issue with Tasker is still being worked on.

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Webget might have issues if phone has no WiFi but Tasker vars should work. If they are not showing in the editor can you please confirm that service is currently running? The service will be running only if you actually apply a watchface with tasker vars, it might not work properly till then.

Is your watch running Wear OS4 right?

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Ok i uninstalled and reinstalled KWCH on phone and watch.
Yes the watch is running wear OS4 with one ui 5.0

Tasker var is showing in editor now. This was my mistake, because i did not use a capital in my variable name.

But still on the watch it is not showing. Is there anything i can test for you?