KWCH Launch App from the Watch

How can I launch an app from the Watch? If I use Start App as the action and then go to Watch, no app is displayed. Only the apps from the phone work.

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You can use complications to do this.


Thank you, but I would like the standard activity to be opened in the complications and additionally the possibility to start apps.

Opening Apps on the phone from the watch is planned, if instead you want to open an app on the watch from the watchface you should be able to do that already if the package name is the same

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Unfortunately, the package name is different. For example, when I select WhatsApp and start it from the Watchface, WhatsApp opens on the smartphone and not on the watch.

Sorry i just checked and the default behaviour is to point to the phone, i am going to allow selecting “target” soon

Thank you for the feedback and your work :+1: