Launch App - No Watch Apps listed


When i add touch to a button, select Launch App, set the target to Phone, then i see all my Phone Apps listed and they do launch from the Watch (galaxy 5 pro). If i change the target to Watch then no Apps are listed.

I want to be able to press a text item on my watch and launch a specified App on my watch.

Any ideas?



The same here KWCH Launch App from the Watch

A good alternative would be to be able to enter the ID from the watch app itself to start the app

Hi Digi,

Where do i find the App Id? and where do i add/use it within KWCH?


The App ID is a wish, currently not possible.

Reading out the app ID is possible with the app Bugjaeger, which can be found in the Google Play Store.

Another way to find an App ID is to search for your application in the Play Store using a web browser. The App ID is embedded within the web page URL.
Like this (I added some spaces in the URL to prevent it from linking):
https: // en_US&gl=US

This would be the App ID for the Google Assistant App:

Here’s how to launch apps on the watch using complications:

And another workaround is using Tasker and Autowear. On a watch element trigger a Tasker Shortcut, the related Task Triggers Autowear to launch App on the watch.

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