Fine Weather widget

Greetings. Im proud to present and share my latest widget, Fine Weather. This is a widget designed to sit on a page of your launcher alone because it occupies pretty much all of the home screen.

It supports darkmode which can be set manually or follow device settings.

Light mode


It features daily and hourly forecasts. By default the top part of the widget displays current weather status.
Below it, there is a section that displays hourly forecasts and details about the sky, ( cloud coverage and precipitations if supported by your chosen provider), humidity and wind data.
When tapping on a specific day, the widgwt displays data for that selected day.

A day is tapped and selected, humidity is selected

Wind selected

It might happen that you select a day where no hourly forecasts are available. Attnetion has been given that the widget is compatible with aby provider you chose and informs you about this

Selected day with no hourly forecasts

Finally, tapping at the bottom of the widget, an info window aboutnyour chosen provider opens.

Icons used:

The widget comes in two flavours, one being in Greeks since its my native language.

Globals ( settings)
Darkmode on, off or auto
Background opacity: when opaque you sort of get an effect of having three distinct widgets, one below rhe other.


English version
Fine_Weather_Unlocked.kwgt (396.5 KB)

Greek version
Fine_Weather_Unlocked_GR.kwgt (398.3 KB)


Really nice work, thanks for sharing with the community.

Love it :slight_smile:

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Silly mistake of mine. Both widgets were displaying the current icon when a day was selected instead of the actual selected day icon.
My apologies…I have edited the initial post and uploaded fixed widgets. Please redownload the files from my initial post.

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Another mistake found. Last two hours in hourly details ( sky, hum, wind) forecasts were swapped.

Fixed versions uploaded in first post.

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Much appreciated!!! Thank you for sharing. Very nice layout.

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One question: Are Tabler icons also available as fonts with a JSON file that you can install in KWGT?

Yup, in this forum

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