Can't delete custom notification

I enabled the forced notification to help with widget updates, and tried out customizing the notification. I didn’t find anything worthwhile in there, but now I can’t delete this (empty) custom notification and revert to the default one again.

The custom notification is displayed inside KWGT in “Available spaces” (next to my widget), but neither this screen nor the “Library” view (after I select the notification) offer a way to delete the notification.

KWGT version: 3.73b314510
Android version: 14 (GrapheneOS latest build)
Phone: Pixel 7

You can set KWGT’s notification mode to Disabled.

Well yeah but then my widget clock stops updating randomly :slight_smile: I already disabled battery optimization and tried all the “Update mode” and “Update when Screen Off” settings, but only the notification seems to make the KWGT updates reliable.

By the way I’m using Nova Launcher, and also testing the widget from Geometric Weather which doesn’t lag at all so far, even with battery optimization enabled. That app is Open Source so maybe looking at its code could help fix this issue in KWGT, although my guess is it’s using the TextClock widget which seems to have OS-level guarantees for updates.

Try the latest build of 3.74 from the link below and see if that helps.

Still the same with 3.74b330615: I disabled the notification and the widget clock started lagging again.

That said, I saw on another thread that you can actually hide the individual notification while keeping the general notification permission on. Not sure why that works, but with this setting the widget doesn’t lag and I don’t see the notification, so this is good enough for me I guess :slight_smile:

For reference my notification settings look like this:

This is the proper way, i need to make it clear in the settings, KWGT on Android 14 cannot work without a notification so you will have to hide it from the settings as you did

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