[Android 14 beta] Widgets no longer update automatically

I am using the beta Android 14 (build number UPB4.230623.007) on a Google Pixel 6. Ever since installing the beta, I noticed the data (most noticeable with time, but applies to other data like weather) on my widgets no longer update automatically. The data only updates when I interact with the widget (ie. I tap it).
Not sure if it’s appropriate to report a bug on a beta Android version but considering Android 14 will be in full release soon I thought it would be helpful to bring it up.

Did you remove Kustom Widget from battery optimization? This is normally the issue. Also please ensure notification permission has been granted and notification is shown (you can then hide it by long pressing the notification and disabling the notification).

I am testing KWGT on Android 14 in a Pixel 7 and there are no issues so far

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Some suggestions can also be found in the article below:

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Thank you for replying. I did indeed confirm both things you suggested (as well as the tips on the Kustom website that Ace replied with), but the problem persists. I even tried deleting and reinstalling the app.
I wonder if another app on my phone could be interfering with it but I don’t know how or why that could happen

So you can confirm you see KWGT Notification being displayed and battery optimization removed but still widget is not updating?

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So it turns out the notification was indeed the problem. Before, I had the notification allowed in Android Settings and turned on in the app. But then when I switched the notification to be “forced” in KWGT, then the updating problem went away! So, thank you for your help!

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Ok so KWGT won’t show the notification if battery optimization has been disabled for Kustom, setting it to forced will make it display regardless. May i ask you which vendor is your phone from? I might force it for it in future versions.

My phone is a Google Pixel 6

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