Better Kustom objects organization

I once koded for hours and hours, and I really need to go, but when I came back I have to scroll a lot to go back to where I was, and I even forgot at what part I was doing koding at. So let me propose a solution to this issue. Add a group for root items, now I know what you're thinking "Do you mean overlap groups?" No, what I meant is a group that is entirely GUI (Not an actual group). It's just a group for better organization, why not actual group? Because uh no animation inside group or something that frank said. So this group would be collapsable, while not being confined in a group. If you're still confused, it's basically like a color code, if you have 10s of thousand of items with no color or any differentiating factor, it's pretty hard to organize unless you use color code. It basically just adds a color for organization sake. Adding this feature will not only makes it easier to get into specific part of your themes, it would also makes it much more cleaner. And it also fixes that 1 stray shapes out in nowhere because you need it to have an animation so you can't get it in the overlap group. Thanks for reading, please add this.

just realized this is similar to my idea here. I’ll leave that one up to hopefully bump this idea further in newer post. If you like, vote that instead. Thanks.

This is a duplicate of THIS, will close this topic