Section, a new way to organize items without group

When making a complex theme, it needs many items. While you can organize items in group, you can’t animate items inside and broke the layout. My idea is to add ‘section’, which is like grouping but without changing the layout and changing items depth (means si(mindex) value won’t change). Just like group in photoshop, section can collapse to make the items list shorter, and can be rearranged.
This way you can have a section for each screen, and then when working on let’s say second screen the user can collapse all other screen. The items list will be much shorter.

*optional, but it also be helpful if there’s si(mindex) for the section, and paste here function so it paste items at the end of a section, removing the need to scroll to bottom each time adding new items.


Basically just a way to tag items and group them in the editor without having any impact on the actual preset