Wrong positioning

I use pxls/si(skpi) for every number I use to get accurate sizing, and most of the time it works perfectly fine, but I have this error right now that just doesn’t make sense.

I have a shape aligned from the left with a positioning to have it on the right side of the widget, and it is where it is supposed to be, but not if the widget is exactly 4x1. (any other size works fine, ‘1/2/3’x’1’ and '1/2/…‘x’2/3/…’)

Also my Formulas don’t change any numbers, the position just changes without any hint why.

My guess is, it’s an error, idk if it’s kwgt or some problem with the launcher (Nothing Launcher btw), but it’s clearly a bug.

(4x2, perfectly aligned)

(4x1, the gap on the right shouldn’t be there)

try to see if formula for it returns the same number. also try to change widget size detection method it’s in Settings → Widget → Widget Size to the other option than selected then try to see if the space is there. not sure if it’s nothing launcher as I don’t have it but if i have to guess (probably not the nothing launcher) but try to see it in nova launcher if the issue persists in another launcher.

could you maybe try it on different launcher so that we can know and narrow down where it went wrong if it’s kwgt or the launcher?

Little summary of the problem:
Happens in Nothing and Nova Launcher.
All Values stay the same.
If a widget is very thin, elements get moved around, because the longest width is smaller than the actual widget.
Elements that are sized with si(rwidth)/si(rheight) are not effected.

hmm. kwgt does behave weird in that case because it shouldn’t normally happen but you are right there is definitely something wrong. I used it in my formula it displays in editor and in my phone element still showed up but when i went to check that it was whole disappeared. Not sure what’s going on. Now i doubt this is also present in klwp too.