WillyWeather current info incorrect

Hello Kustom,

I love your apps but always had to use other widgets for weather due to being in Australia and wanting BOM data. I was excited that you added WillyWeather (using BOM) to the providers so I signed up for a trial however while the weather forecast info is correct the current weather data is way off. The current temp, feels like temp and conditions are consistently different to the data in the BOM app and WillyWeather app. I've had KWGT and Today Weather (BOM data) widgets side by side for days to keep an eye on it. I've checked the location and time zone is correct so that can't be what's throwing it off. I've also checked each other weather provider within KWGT and the data doesn't match them either so I can't work out where it's pulling the incorrect information from. The problem is also present in KLWP. I have attached a screenshot showing the difference between KWGT (left) and Today Weather (right) and a screenshot of the info within the WillyWeather app. I hope you can find a fix in the future.

Thanks for the great apps!

Hello Kustom?

This problem still exists. I've just paid for Pro and a weather subscription for the same reasons as this person, but the app appears to be pulling the wrong weather data for current temperature. The weather station, daily max and daily min are all the same as on the WillyWeather site, but the current temperature is way off.

Any word would be appreciated.

Hello Kustom, it appears this problem still isn't fixed. I also have just paid for a weather subscription and want to use Willy Weather for Australia, however it just won't work with current weather conditions. The app has no trouble getting my location so that certainly isn't the problem. I set up a weather widget around an hour ago, and the temp refuses to budge from 21 degrees celsius, even though my Willy Weather app is showing the temp is now 25 degrees. As above user has stated, any word on a fix would be appreciated.

I can't get any of the service providers to give me correct weather in Australia. It gets my location fine, and forcing an update does change the data but it's never correct. From this post it looks like it's not worth buying access to Willy Weather.