Widgets not refreshed/updated

Hello, I made a widget that displays current connection transfer speeds and wi-fi status.

All works fine in the editor but once saved and editor closed I have the following issues:

1. Data transfer speeds are not 'live'. They don't seem to refresh except for once in a while. As soon as I open the widget editor I can see the speeds in the editor preview working as expected.
2. For wi-fi state it's a little bit different. When wi-fi is disabled widget correctly updates and shows 'disabled'. When wi-fi is turned on, widget correctly updates and shows 'enabled'. But, once the phone connects to a wi-fi network, widget should display 'connected' and instead remains on 'enabled'. At this point, if I open the widget editor wi-fi status is correctly displayed in the preview and if I save then it's also correctly displayed in the live widget.

I'm not sure but I also noticed slow refreshing on another widget where I display used memory.

In any case I copied everything to KLWP and there everything works as expected so it's a KWGT problem.

Hope you can assist as for such things I would like to use KWGT instead of KLWP and now I can't.


Ciao Simone!

So, regarding "1" widgets are updating every 20/30 seconds, you cannot refresh more often because that would kill your battery, a better answer can be found in the FAQ, if you need a faster update you need to check KLWP, this is an Android limit and i cannot do much about it, i might add a "1 second update" option in the future on KWGT with a big fat warning about battery usage. Still the wifi update looks like a problem anyway as you suggested, will look into that.

Ciao Frank! mai sei italiano? ;-)

Thanks for the quick reply.

For "1" I understand. If it's an android limitation and battery life affected then definitely KLWP is the way to go for such things. I am new to Android and didn't know about this and sorry didn't read the FAQ. My fault. Maybe you could indicate such information in KWGT somewhere as well.

For "2" great. Hope you manage to find out what is causing the issue.

BTW amazing app.. really impressed. I will post some suggestions on additional features when I get a better grip of everything it can do. I have some ideas in mind but I'll wait for them to "mature" .. ;-)

Hi - since I didn't see this as answered, I thought I'd chime in that I'm having the same problem as Simone's #2. I'm using variables sent from Tasker to set the color of shapes in several KWGT widgets. This works most of the time, but sometimes the colors don't match the variables correctly - and this can occur seemingly spontaneously, without any change in the variables themselves. I verify the variables within Tasker, and run the Tasker action to refresh the send to KWGT variables but the widget colors remain incorrect. If I edit the KWGT widget, the colors show up as correct within the editing environment, but not in the actual widget display. I have also noticed that when this occurs if I turn off the screen and turn it back on the widget then displays properly - at least for a time. Any idea what the problem might be here?

I fixed a refresh problem. I like battery optimization on at all times. But it can get annoying. In Samsung settings one can turn off battery optimize for individual apps. "TouchWiz home" is my home screen app wich displays my widgets. i turn off the optimization for it. wich fix it. i am using a note 5. and the setting for this is deep in settings menu device management>> battery>> battery usage>> optimize battery usage( note top right). hope this helps.