Widget resize

I created a search bar widget from scratch and It does not stay the set size. It keeps shrinking! No matter what I do the widget will not properly fit and when I make adjustments it shows up at all different sizes sometimes smaller than an inch wide on my screen extremely tiny! This is driving me crazy! I am using Nova launcher.

Hi! To ensure that a widget always stays the same please ensure the following:

  • You are running latest release (3.21 right now)
  • In the app settings ensure Auto Size is set to "Off/Locked"
  • Also in the settings check that Rotation is set to the correct one you use (normally its Default and says "Portrait" or "Landscape" just check that what its written is the one you use most of the time)
  • Add a widget and resize it to the final size BEFORE loading any preset (so when the "resize or click" text is displayed)
  • Scale as you wish using the Layer -> Scaling option

This should avoid any resizing. If you do resize the widget after it has been loaded then ensure that you click the background of the widget this will ensure new size is read, then open the editor and save to store it.