Widget interaction

Is it possible to have 2 different widgets interacting each other? For example, if I touch one make the other one disappear.

Yes, you cannot remove a widget from screen but you can toggle globals from widget A in widget B, you need to use an URI call. So do this:

  • In widget B create a global, name it “hidden”
  • In widget B create a visibility formula (just select the visibility properly in the layer options, turn it into a formula), then add $if(gv(hidden) = 1, NEVER, ALWAYS)$ this will hide the layer when hidden is 1
  • Now in widget A create a touch action, set the action to “open URI”, in the uri write kwgt://global/hidden/1 to hide your layer or kwgt://global/hidden/0 to show, this uri can also be called by other apps like tasker

This requires 3.73
Hope this helps

Thanks, I will try and let you know.

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