Widget Exports

Why would I export a widget?

Where does a widget go when exported? Does it remain on the screen?

Is there a list of exported widgets?

If i import a widget does it go back on the screen?

Export is create an actual file on your device, saved to the kustom/widgets folder, and you can see it in your library when you select “import”. To show a widget onscreen you import then “save” (save means save to device memory, export means export to device storage)

Wow … great explanation :smiley:

Are you saying that if I remove a widget from the home screen, it is gone unless I have exported it to the kustom/widgets folder :interrobang:

Autosave can save your preset partially only as it does not save resources unlike using the export option. Yes, always make sure to export your presets for an actual back accessible via the Library tab.

ok , got it and thanks …