Widget cordinates of location doesnt update

I have widget and have put my cordinates in it (lat, lon) but they dont update on its on they only update as soon as i open google maps or any app that use gps and suddenly the widgets update, how can i resolve this issue

I dont have battery optimization and even kwgt is set to fast update mode, seems like widgets are not gettimg the location update on its own unless you open any app

Try setting Location permission for KWGT to “Allow all the time” instead of “while using the app” and see if that helps.

I did it, seems like its and android issue not updating on widgets. So i am using tasker. But need help

Help with trigger in kwgt

I am using tasker to get location for kwgt.

I want to make a touch trigger using flow to click.

I want to trigger a url intent but i dont know how to do it.

Url is


Which will trigger tasker to start the tasks in the background on touch of a kwgt widget.

How can i do it?

I made a flow


And url intent to

But it seems like not working