Where in storage are kfile resources kept?

I have only recently stumbled into the kfile:// resources stuff described here. When I choose a bitmap for (for example) my preset’s background, it appears that KLWP somehow processes the file. At least it appears to make a copy of the file somewhere and it is referenced - as I can see if I make the bitmap the result of a computation - via something like kfile://org.kustom.provider… I figure these have to stored somewhere in storage but I don’t know where. My device is rooted and so I have looked under /data/data/org.kustom… I have also looked on my internal and SD storage under Android/data/org.kustom…

The reason I want to know this is so I can find the name or the resource I want to use in my computation - for example, in an $if() statement.

Can anyone give me more info? Thanks