When turn on phone, homescreen start at 2nd screen page

Is it possible when you turn on the phone, at the homescreen it always open at the second screen page, not the first screen page. So it’s like -1 screen in phone setting, but rather put a google discovey or app vault, i want to put apps and widget.

And ill be very grateful if you can explanation it step by step, because i have no experience in KLWP (i have use KWGT a few time, but only make a simple widget)

If you are using Nova Launcher, hold your finger down in an empty space on the home screen. You’ll then see translucent windows. The Main/Home screen will be identified with a little House Icon at the top of this window. You can swipe left or right (depending upon how many pages/screens that you have) to the change where the “Home” screen is and/or keep swiping to the left to add additional screen/pages.
Wherever the House Icon Lands this will be your “home” page.

Sorry that I can help if you’re not using Nova Launcher.

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Thank you! Already download Nova Launcher and check it setting two times, never thought thats how to do it

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