Wg() not updating data on watch

wg() not updating data. Not even if you enable “update on click” on touch option.

wg() updates data in mobile app’s editor preview. But on watch it is not updating.

It works when you (disable bluetooth)/(on charging) as it force watch to use wifi. But when watch is connected via Bluetooth and not on charging wg() won’t update data.

Go to KWCH’s app settings >> Watch Settings. Set both “Global sync mode” and “Data sync mode” to Always.

even setting it “Always” it misses some random updates when mobile device is locked. My data should be update every min as in globle url I added this:

while all battery optimization for app is off on mobile and watch.

Okey i got the solution,

now I am using flow cron job for updating it every min
and manual flow trigger to update data on touch. this flow combo is much more reliable than using “url query param” and “update on click” in touch menu.

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Awesome! Thank you for sharing this.