Wf(cond, 0) in cm?

Me again! My weather forecast shows precipitation amounts using wf(cond, 0) with AccuWeather as provider (paid for Kweather), it’s showing the amounts in cm. Is there any way around this, to show in inches? (I like my dumb imperial units.) I can’t make a formula (or can’t make a pretty formula) from this as the wf(cond, 0) formula just returns a “phrase” and not a number value. I am assuming this is an AccuWeather issue, but of course I’m always looking for some kind of workaround. :thinking:

Change your format to imperial in kustom settings

I do have imperial selected in my settings, the temp shows in Fahrenheit in my first screenshot. I don’t think it’s a Kustom issue, but AccuWeather, or how the data is pulled from AccuWeather.

Then apply math to the figure accuweather gives you (altiough my accu feeds come through just fine as imperial)

(C × 9/5) + 32 = F

I’m not trying to get the temperature, that shows correctly in Fahrenheit. I was mentioning that my temperature shows correctly in F to prove that my settings were set as imperial because it’s correctly showing in Ferenheit, not in metric/Celcius.

It’s the wf(cond, 0) formula that returns a TEXT phrase for the forecasted weather conditions - which in my city’s case for Friday, it returns the phrase “5-10 CM SNOW” and for Saturday, it returns the phrase “COLDER, PM SNOW 2-4 CM” I would like this to return in inches, but I can’t apply a math formula to a text phrase that changes based on weather conditions. So some days there will be a text phrase with no descernible measurement amounts, it will just say “LOW CLOUDS” for example. So that is why I think it is on AccuWeather’s end, or how this information gets from AccuWeather thru Kweather into the widget, since the wf(cond, 0) formula is a base function and I cannot modify how that information is output.

Ahh I see. You could use the tc() command to convert any C amount to F

OK I’m editing this comment: after sitting with the idea of how can I get around this and trying some different search terms and seeing different examples for text replacement, my feeble mind has come up with this formula. It’s messy and I’ll have to maybe put some values in globals to clean it up, but I think I’ve at least got something that works and I can mess around with it to hopefully show what I want it to show! :woozy_face::face_with_spiral_eyes:

So thank you Klyde! :joy::raised_hands: