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Would it be possible to put in a basic module (like BitmapModule or MovieModule) that can use a WebView to render a web page? I'm not talking about anything super complicated like a custom home page, I just want to be able to show web pages that render things similar to what can be found at:



I figured for settings you don't have to get too complicated, just have height, width, and URL settings to set the layout and page to show.

I agree that some form of web page rendering Komponent would be really great. For now, I have had to use a different app.

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Something like this would be great in Kustom Products!

I want to show a web page (a cropped part of a web page actually) that updates every x minutes along with other items (buttons, text, etc) on my wall paper. I have come to understand that Kustom has no such ability. So I went looking and found this outstanding widget app. It does what I was looking for but is not integrated with the buttons/text/etc that I want to have. I suppose I can live with that but…

I know that others have suggested a “web module” of some sort for Kustom to do something similar. But some it is impossible. Either way, I see no equivalent ability in Kustom at this time. I took the time to compliment the author of Widgetify and and suggested about how his works. He kindly responded and said that my theory of operation was correct. Widgetify does NOT try to embed a webview on the home screen and, indeed, the author says that is NOT POSSIBLE.

The author confirms that the widget’s UI is NOT an actual webview or other browser. And, as such, I cannot interact with it by trying to tap links, etc. The app uses a webview sized to the widget’s dimensions in the background, navigates to the web page in question, captures an image of what is rendered, pans/crops the image as needed, and then closes the webview and displays that image on a canvas that permits scrolling up/down.

Something like this inside of Kustom would seem a great addition! So FYI and do try out Widgetify if you need something like this - and Frank has not managed to get it into Kustom…

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This is interesting and not too complex only issue I see is that web views eat tons of memory so having multiple web views could really make things go bad pretty fast

Thanks. Or some way to render html?

Rendering html requires a web view a web view is a memory hog, i need to carefully think about this

I agree that this could get out of hand rapidly - especially if each item were to get its own, dedicated webview. One benefit of doing something like the app I mentioned is that an off-screen webview could be shared and managed. BTW - I was just checking around and saw this - which may be of some help…

Also with its own possible limitations and problems is to use the TextView.

Just ideas. Thanks!