Web Based Images in KLWP doesn't load anymore

I am using the latest KLWP beta. I noticed that none of the web based images on my live wallpaper appear anymore after adding them. Local images appear without problem. And in editor, the web images load successfully. I am using Samsung A25 5g with android 14 One UI 6.0. Am I the only one experiencing this?

I’m on Android 14 but OneUI 6.1. Using KLWP VER. 3.75B408115 2024-03-21 & my web-based walls work on a Z Fold 5, Z Flip 5 & S24U.
Note that they were also working on OneUI 6.0.
Are you creating a brand new preset or one the you’ve used before where the web-based walls worked?

Can you provide the URL of an image? Are you using wg() or flows to fetch them?

It used to worked before flawlessly, but even when i try to create a new preset, it just doesn’t work anymore.

I use Tasker and Autoweb apps to get url images of Spotify cover arts, through Spotify API. Therefore, the URL of the image is actually a variable that updates anytime i change tracks in Spotify and I use KLWP Send Variable to get it on KLWP. For example, if i try to display this image (either through Image >Bitmap or Shape >Fx >Bitmap): “https://i.scdn.co/image/ab67616d0000485132f1572738340ddc9569c54b”, the default empty placeholder image appears on my homescreen but displays well in KLWP editor.

Thanks, i might need some debug log, but first can you confirm you are on latest 3.75? Also how are you fetching the image? Just using plain URL inside the bitmap formula?

I am using version 3.75b408115. Yes I’m using the plain URL inside the bitmap formula. I have been using this method since a couple of years and it worked… till recently.

Even if i use wg() to fetch images, it still doesn’t work for me. For example, $wg(“CNET”, rss, 0, thumb)$ appears as transparent on my homescreen, but the image is displayed in editor.

Hi Frank, I have issues on Android 14 , with Latest official built // On oneplus 10T no images from global path is displayed for Weather and direct selecting an image displays it. I have shared an email to help. Please see. It was working fine until oneweek back and latest update messed it. I have to uninstall Total KLWP as it was not working at all.