Weather won't auto refresh after 30 minutes even when wifi is connected and kwgt and kweather apps are running in background

Hi im using the latest version of kwgt v3.26 and kweather on android 6.0.1, Weather won't auto refresh after 30 minutes even when wifi is connected and kwgt and kweather apps are running in background, how can i fix this? Can you add a broadcast receiver for weather refresh on user presence or something like this, the original weather underground app widget always update the widget on set time and on every decice unlock which is very useful

Are you sure it doesnt update? Is your screen always on?

thx for replying, yes im sure i have last update time formula on the widget and i tested it it shows the correct time, ill turn on display minutes before 30 minutes period to watch if it updates, wifi is connected KWeather and KWGT processes are running but no update occurs even for hours after, the only way is to click on widget to go to advanced editor then exit then it will update the weather, white-listed these two apps on every battery apps including samsung smart manager and android doze and greenify, but i had no luck.

i even forced KWeather and KWGT to persist in memory, kweather does stay in memory but kwgt will close after some times no matter what, i found a work around for auto update by using "Tasker" to "Load Preset" every 30 minutes and on screen unlock, but i found another problem that if you have an weather icon komponent zip file in sdcard/kustom/komponent folder in sdcard used by one of my widgets, the forecast icon will turn into that gray mountain image if i load preset from "Backup" section, but the "Exported" section widget weather icons stay normal after loading the preset

i really spent hours to find a way for auto update to work but no luck, this widget making app is beyond awesome and i wanna help someway if possible, if there is a system or app log that can help you i can provide it if you need it, great job man

phone: samsung galaxy note 4, android 6.0.1, rooted

this is the widget and im in love with it! a hand made komponent including yahoo weather icons that i exported into it, i worked hours on it and it worth every minute

Does it update every 1 hour or it doesnt update at all?

it wont update no matter what till i open the KWGT itself, or manually clicking the force update with the refresh icon with the update action on touch, is there anyway that you can add another plugin to Tasker beside those two that can hande the Force Update action? that way its possible to have a tasker profile to check if the screen on and the wifi connected then force update every 30 min or an hour, that would be very cool, although the Tasker Plugin "Load Profile" works this way and it will make the KWGT to update the weather somehow but it results to losing the weather icon to that image unavailable gray mountain image if i load the preset from "Backup" section (those backed up file in "autoupdate" folder in kustom folders