Weather info does not update

I have "Network Refresh" set to 1 hour but the weather info will not update automatically, no matter which weather provider I try.

"Force Update" works from the settings menu, but not from a widget as a Kustom Action (Touch).

My phone is on Android 9.0 and the KWGT app is not battery optimized.

I have the same problem. Have had this for a while now. The weather does not update from the widget itself but it updates when you go into the app or do it through settings. Can someone please look into that?

Same issue here. Would be really nice if someone would add this bug to the issues that need fixed. Greatly disappointing that this has not been solved.

Add another to the list.

All I have seen as a solution is the same old battery optimise, network refresh and changing weather provider.

Sent them an email but feeling despondent!

Hi guys

This afternoon I checked my app permissions and found Kustom Widget didn't have permission to access my location.

I actually gave it every permission I could but it makes sense location was the problem rather than contacts oror whatever.

If this is the case for you I hope this resolves it for you.