Weather icon Komponents no longer updating

My watch only displays the unknown icon from all of the weather icon komponents I try. It was working fine for months. This started to happen after a recent Kustom update.

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Same issue here. Using the latest version

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Same issue here, updated once and stays that way

Can you install the latest beta and check again?

I realized the Beta was not installing until I uninstalled the old version from my phone.

I’ve got it installed now. But when I try to sync it is stuck in a loop when I try to pair the watch, saying I need to install the app on my watch and shows me the app on the watch with an Uninstall button. I click uninstall, then install, and but the phone app again says the watch does not have Kustom installed.

Same here, after full wipe and update problem persists.

Ohhhhh figured it out, wifi have to be turned on.

IF the watch has no internet and the companion app is not running the weather will not update, however with latest kwch version even if wifi is off in the watch you should get updates from the phone when paired

Do you still have issues with latest build? If so can you please tell me if you have wifi on on the watch and if kwch has been removed from battery optimization on the phone?

I have version 3.75…7209. I have wifi turned on the watch, but the weather icon is still showing unknown. Have tried WeatherFlatSVG komponent and two others, same issue.

My weather text is always updating normally, but that uses a data complication.

One step further but still no updates, temperature and weather icon still not changing.