Watchface not updating after 1/2 day

I use a wget flow to get the nearest airport metar to me and display the data on my watchface. Lately after about 1/2 day the information fails to update. It works fine on the preview on my phone and also works fine in KWGT using the same flows and other things. Any idea what may be stopping it from updating?

Pixel 8 pro and Fossil gen 6 with KWCH 3.75b404014

Update. Turning Bluetooth off on the phone and back on gets it moving again.

I’ll try turning watch Bluetooth off, but the assumption is it works that direction as well since it has always worked right away on the morning.

Interestingly, earlier this morning, the data was syncing, but my location wasn’t updating until I toggled Bluetooth.

Can you please download latest beta and check again? Also is your watch BT only and paired to your phone OR you have WiFi on in the watch?

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Seems to be working well now, thanks for all the amazing work! This is the absolute best watchface out there

My watch is BT and WiFi, though usually not connected to Wi-Fi unless I’m home.

Thanks for confirming and again sorry for the issue, hope it won’t happen again

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Just an update. I traded in my Fossil Gen 6 for a Pixel Watch 2 and it syncs and functions 100 times better. Working perfectly now.

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