Watch one to 12 hours numbers. Straight up

Means, how can create numbers 1 to 12 , vertical looking.
Means straight up round looking.

Not exactly sure what you’re trying to do, but if you’re trying to change the orientation of some text, you can either use regular text element(s) and just change its “Rotation” attribute, or use “Morphing Text” for more control over the text’s orientation.

Just trying to put 1 to 12 on the watch all around. But the numbers not straight up. They are turning around.

I think he means this difference in number rotations

Yes you got it, the top one is right, that’s what i meant… so if i need to add SECONDS the same way please. Thank you.

Got it. Morphing text with Angle set to 360 will put a string of numbers in a circle but it’ll be hard to align them exactly like in a clock. It’ll probably be easier to control the alignment when using separate text elements for each hour with varying Rotation values. 12 @ no rotation, 3 @ 90º, 6 @ 180º, 9 @ 270º. Just fill in the rest at 30º separation I believe.

Thank you so much. I thought you have a faster method than the one you just explained.
Ya that’s what i thought. It’s fine and the only way it can be done right anyways. I guess.
Thank you again for your help.
Sorry for the troubles.

can I be able to create more than 4 complications on my watch. Sorry I couldn’t find a solution for that.
thank you so much.

The number of complications is set by the watch and not by KWCH. You’ll have to talk to the watch manufacturer for this info.

Aw ok, sorry about that. Didn’t know.
Thank you so much.

Hi there.
What is the best way to create an empty complication? Because im facing glitches.
Or the best way to create a complication can be able to get watch complication info?
I don’t know. Maybe im doing something wrong or ur application has a glitch.
And the reason im asking, because i couldn’t find a good DETAILS anywhere.
Thank you.

Hi there,
I just find out the touch sensitivity is not the greatest too. Even though if i make the item or picture complication big enough, still most of sometimes it doesn’t respond to the finger touch as often.
Thank you

Well, im having hard time to make some of my complication to be working.
Like battery(it’s workings), credit card(it’s working), weather, whatsapp and calendar is not working.
Im using the same method, komponent/morphinText and so on… i even tried Komponent/text… same results.
They show working on the phone, but not on the watch 6, even i restart the watch or phone, the result is the same.
They do work %100 on Watch face studio, but not through Kwch application.!

You don’t get to create your own complication. The data you can assign to a complication depends on what your watch offers which depends to the applications installed in your watch.

Sorry what i meant is, how do u started from the beginning to put complications on the phone application? Just to see if im doing it right.

Not after im done put in it.
And i know, its all based on the watch information we receive…
Thank you

Hi there,
I created an arc for a battery. At the right side like circular but the only problem i have now i couldn’t figure out , how to make it animated? Means when its charging the arc or the circular is not moving up. And when discharging the color of the circular is not moving down.
Where do u think is the problem?
There is no animation on the circular bar. Either going up or down automatically.
When the battery charging or discharging.
Thank you

You need to make a new thread for each new question if you want people to see them