Watch Compass and Gyro

Latest update says it supports gyro and compass, but I am unable to find anything related to this.
How can I implement the compass?

Compass and gyro are currently experimental and might not work properly, that said to make them work you need to use an animation of type “gyroscope”, then use that animation to rotate / move the object. So go into any object in the root layer, then go to animation tab, press “+” then select react on → gyroscope:

Thank you for answering.
I habe Galaxy watch 5 Pro.
I tried this
1- I found the react to Gyroscope, but not the react to compass, which I assume are different sensors.
2- The Gyro works on the phone app, but when sending to watch, it does Kot work, maybe a permission is missing, which I cannot find to give.

I do have your watch will try to see if I can get this working in the next build please standby