Wallstars Fonticons Update

Over 1000 font icons for use in Kustom Apps




Nice!!! Feel free to attach here as well if you want

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Wallstars Fonticons [[quote=“frank, post:2, topic:5750, full:true”]
Nice!!! Feel free to attach here as well if you want

here](Font Icons Reg - Google Drive)

(I hope this is what you meant by attach here-:grimacing:)

Very handy. I’m doing my part to spread the word!


Icons are usually updated weekly. If anyone would like to request an icon to be added I will certainly oblige as long as requests don’t exceed an amount that I can create in my spare time.

For icon requests just click on my profile and feel free to message me…

Downloads are at
My site

I mean you should be able to create an attachment to the post, if not let me know might be a permission issue

I’m not sure I understand what you mean by attachment sorry for the noobie question I am very very new at markdown or any type of code other than maybe kustom kode :thinking:

I mean here in the forum when you write a message there is an “UPLOAD” button as below:

You can use it to attach your stuff here, Kustom files are accepted