Wallpaper Scrolling Issue

Hi there, I have up until recently had KLWP scrolling wallpapers fine with Nova launcher Pro on my Huawei Mate 9 (Android 7.0, EMUI 5.0). Until yesterday when the wallpaper scrolling just stopped working without me changing anything in KLWP or Nova launcher.

I have Nova set to force wallpaper scrolling and when I set a large image as my wallpaper in nova the background scrolling does work.

I have backed up my nova settings and reset the app and then turned force wallpaper scrolling on again but this made no difference. I have double checked that I have the same homescreen pages in nova as I do in KLWP. I have tried using a completely different KLWP preset but had no luck.

Lastly I have tried turning off nova setting a static wallpaper then turning nova on again and then turning KLWP back on but I cannot get wallpaper scrolling to work.

I have also checked that I am using the most up to date versions of both KLWP and Nova launcher. Please help?

I fixed it!

Turns out what I had to do was set Nova to force scrolling background scrolling again. Then set a different image as the background, I think the previous static image I used worked for scrolling because it was 3000x3000 pixels but it wasn't in a 16:9 format. The new image I used was 16:9 and it scrolled. Then I changed my wallpaper to KLWP and scrolling works!

Great! This happens with Nova not sure if its a bug

Didn't work for me. I am having Honor 8 and everything is same as you

@ please ensure you can make a standard wallpaper scroll first

@nurullahsaeem Set a regular pic from your gallery as your wallpaper. Scroll back and forth and then set KLWP

I had the same issue for weeks. Drove me nuts until about 10 mins ago when I saw the above instructions. Worked FLAWLESSLY

Thanks a million

I have exactly the same problem but it doesn't work. When I select a standard wallpaper, it works.

Please I really need of a solution