Wallpaper not scrolling

Hi there.

Kustom used to work just fine, but after reseting my phone, the theme I was using disfunctionned. The wallpaper is not scrolling anymore, and some elements such as the weather disappeared.
In the preview it seems all fine, but when i load, i only get one fixed image as a wallpaper.

I tried the followings :
-Restart the phone
-Unistall/Reinstall Kustom. Erase all theme, load them again.
-Restore the phone to factory values, and repeat all.

I'm on Huawei P9 lite, using the normal launcher. The preloaded themes on Kustom doesnt scroll anymore aswell. The theme i was using was called "Persona 5 confidant theme".
I've looked after an answer on the net but couldnt find anything relevant.

I'm so sad cause Kustom is a great app ! I wish i could get it working again.

Thanks, and sorry for my english !...

i meant "restarting" instead of "reseting" ! When i restarted the phone, all the theme was messed up, and Kustom wasnt working good anymore. Even stranger, when i restored the "out of the factory" values and settings, the wallpaper was scrolling again. I installed Kustom, and then again it wasnt scrolling anymore. And now, when i get back to a normal wallpaper, it doesnt scroll ! I dont get it...

Thanks :)

Scrolling depends on the launcher this is not something i can fix, you need to find a way to make a normal wallpaper scroll first

Hi, thanks for responding.

I finally pulled it out. I switched to Nova launcher, and after hours of struggling it finally scrolled. Then Kustom did its jobs perfectly :).

Suddenly having the same issues. Were you able to find a solution?