Video or GIF Background in KLWP

The background options are currently very minimal

It would be nice if we can add a video or GIF as wallpaper

And add animation like play when unlocked or while swiping

You can already use GIFs but its an hidden feature, to enable GIFs just copy this line:

##KUSTOMCLIP## { "clip_version": 1, "clip_cut": [], "clip_modules": [ { "internal_type": "MovieModule" } ] } ##KUSTOMCLIP##

Then paste it into Kustom, it will add a GIF module, you can set the GIF module full screen and you can control playback and also set playback on unlock if you want

Had no idea but why keep it hidden

Currently there is only two options (Solid/Image)

If it's already there, they only have to make it visible and add the option like Solid/Image/GIF/Video

And playback on unlock was just an example

I would like the whole Animation features to be present in the bg menu (Not Hidden)

Thanks btw..

Where we have to paste it? I didn't understand.. Sorry.

Copy the code

Open KLWP app

Click on the paste button on top right corner

You can't use it as a wallpaper and videos are not supported

For me, it works flawlessly. I didn't know this was possible, but it's really cool.

(By the way, I am in the beta test program, I don't know if you have the beta version, but maybe that's the reason)

Copy the code that he give to you in the clipboard of your phone, go to Klwp put a new preset tap in the clipboard icon in the top right of the editor, this are going to paste the kode and put a video opition in the preset and you are going to have the option to choose the .gif in your phone.


I didn't say that it's not not working,

It's not great for wallpaper.

I want this option in the background tab.

( Like Solid/Image/Video option)

If you managed to insert a GIF can you record your screen and post it on YouTube to show how to do it please?

Yes, show on a screenshot how to do it please!

Here you have a video, you need to have the code copied in your clipboard, in your phone come from here and copy the code, then paste it in Klwp like you see by tapping in the clipboard in the top right of the editor

When I tried to paste the code into my root it gave me this error message: "Error:preset:invalid type:NONE". Does this methode not work in the beta version anymore or am I doing something wrong? Thx

In the last 3.44 beta version, the .gif is not working, per other users reports.

Thx for the quick reply! Know when its coming back?

Sadly I don't know😃👍

Whenever I copy this code from Chrome and switch to KLWP it doesn't recognise it and won't show the paste button up top right.


Maybe like in the 3.44 version, in 3.45, this option don't work well.

This does not work on v3.45 even on the pro version

This doesn't work for me either. Using v3.46 pro.

This is generally available in 3.48