Vertical scrollling pages

Hi, i have a question, does scrolling animation for screen pages work for vertical scrolling? Because it seem the animation doesnt work in KLWP. And i think the problem are in KLWP and not the launcher, because i tried to scroll pages inside the KLWP edit but the wallpaper doesnt move.

The problem are only for background scroll, because i tried put a square and it can animated by scroll

Heres the image:

Yes, vertical scrolling should be supported. Make sure to use “Bg Scroll (Vertical)” as the ReactOn value.

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Can you explain more about it? Where’s the bg scroll veritical option?

A very detailed tutorial from Brandon can be found here. I hope this helps.

From Brandon video it show the scroll by using an item which is a square and make it animate by scroll which i have no problem in making. But the problem im having is the background (in root), not the item.

While for horizontal when you put image larger than your phone screen and you scroll it, the image will get scrolled too. But for some reason, for vertical when you put image taller than phone screen, the image didn’t scrolled when you scroll between screen.

Most launchers are not scrolling vertically, are you sure your launcher has vertical scroll and you can scroll vertically?

Yes, the launcher name is Lucid Launcher, it has vertical scrolling. But i think its not Launcher, because the background didnt scroll while I’m still inside KLWP editor, not while in Lucid Launcher homecreen.


This is the image i found on google and use to practice, as you can see the image are taller than a phone so i think it’s also not the image problem.

You are right, there is a bug on the background, you can still animate on vertical scroll but background is current not scaled to the size with scrolling. Strange thing is no one ever reported this i assume its because there are not many using vertical scroll, will try to fix in 3.76, in the meanwhile you can use an image module and animate it on vertical scroll although quality might not be the best.