V3.75 How to apply edits to the widget space?

On my phone (Fairphone, Android 13), Kustom Widget was updated to v3.75 and suddenly started acting weird. Or at least differently. I had to re-create my custom widget and after a reboot the old one was back.

But the main problem is that when I create a new widget, I can select one of the existing ones or create a new one, but it is never applied to the widget space. I create a widget space, tap, edit the contents, click Save. And then? How is it actually applied to the widget space?


Ok so after you press save button, the widget contents are applied to that widget space immediately, but i assume you have multiple widget at same time because as long as i remember you have to firstly place widget in homescreen then you can edit that widget by touching that widget will take you to that widget editor space from then you can tap hamburger menu(three lines at top left corner) → load preset → pick the backupfile in backups or select widget from library or explore tabs. Or it might be that i totally misunderstood the situation if so do you mind sharing short clip of a screen recording of what seems to be issue or screenshot will work.

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