Using | (or)

I wanted to input:
If current minute is 00-09, output 1. Otherwise output 0.

I tried doing so using the | (or) command.

My nonfunctional code:
$if(df(mm)=00|01|02|03|04|05|06|07|08|09, “1”, “0”)$

How do I fix it? Much thanks in advance.

If there is any way to say “if the current minutes starts with a 0, then”, that would also be very helpful.

| is only works after the fomula evaluated, for ecample $if(df(mm)=0|df(mm)=1,…)$

in your case maybe it’s simpler using df(mm)<10

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Thanks! Retyping in df(mm)= after each | (or) sign was the key. Using >= and < works well.

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