Using Emoji as Weather Icons

I would like to find out why my code doesn't work in KWGT. I want emojis to appear for the following weather conditions:

$wi(temp)$°$if(wf(icon,0)=SHOWERS, 🌧️, if(wf(icon,0)=SCATTERED_SHOWERS, 🌧️, if(wf(icon,0)=THUNDERSHOWERS, ⛈️, if(wf(icon,0)=ISOLATED_THUNDERSTORMS, ⛈️, if(wf(icon,0)=DRIZZLE, 🌦️, if(wf(icon,0)=WINDY, 🌬️, if(wf(icon,0)=CLOUDY, ⛅, if(wf(icon,0)=MOSTLY_CLOUDY, ☁️, if(wf(icon,0)=PARTLY_CLOUDY, ⛅, if(wf(icon,0)=CLEAR, ☀️, if(wf(icon,0)=FAIR, ☀️, if(wf(icon,0)=HAZE, 🌫️))))))))))))$

You can see what I look at in the illustration below:

Please help! Thanks!

Hi, I'm not sure if you resolved this or not but how are you referencing the emojis in your formula? For example, as a bitmap, $if(wf(icon,0)=showers, "/storage/emulated/0/emojis/emoji name.png")$ where the emojis are stored in a folder named "emojis" as images, or is your formula written here the actual way you have it in kustom ....=showers, 🌧️ (a literal emoji)?

As far as I know, literal emojis cannot be used in KWGT or KLWP. Alternatively, use bitmap images (as explained by Brandon).

Hope this helps.