Uninstall/install emptied my .klwp


I had an issue with KLWP 3.74b331712 refusing to export my .klwp file if I had changed the root globals. So, just in case, I uninstalled the app and installed it again (same version), but now it couldn’t load the .klwp I was working on. Looking in the wallpaper folder, said .klwp had somehow turned into a useless 0 B file. All other wallpaper files were fine, but now I have to start again from scratch.

Is there a way to avoid this issue in the future? How do I know my work won’t be erased if I update the app? I wouldn’t dare put another month into something that might all of a sudden disappear and be irretrievable.


OnePlus 8 Pro, Android 13

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Unfortunately, I also faced this problem and it was very sad to lose all the codes and designs I had. The best way is to open the .klck file from the program’s file manager. or opening the .klck file with a program like winRAR and editing the preset.json text file and changing the tag “locked” section from “false” to “true”

In addition, always keep a copy of the "/sdcard/Kustom” folder and create an exported klck file every time it is changed and modified

Did you get any error when exporting?

No, there is no error message when exporting, the editor just goes straight to loading the preset I’m working on, but without any changes I may have made.

But that part is not a problem any longer. It turns out this only happens if I change the globals and don’t save the preset before exporting.

(Off topic: Shouldn’t these be called Apply and Save, respectively, rather than Save and Export? Because you don’t really save the preset, you just apply it as the new wallpaper. Caused me lots of confusion and unsaved work in the beginning of using Kustom.)