Unable to load theme / crashing to homescreen

I have created multiple themes and they seem to just stop working right as i am about to finish the themes which have taken many months, sometimes years of work that i had ti abandon and start again.

So i started from scratch a few months ago and there you go, suddenly about one month ago the same thing once again. I am pulling my hair out trying to actually finish a single theme.

For some reason without any explanation I am no longer able to load the themes, or if i am able to get it to load after trying and waiting literally for hours, as soon as I press anything in the editor the editor just crashes abd throws me back to the homepage.

I have no idea what is causing this and it is really frustrating that many months of work keeps getting destroyed for no apparant reason.

Can anyone suggest anything here before i finally just give up on KLWP? which i really do not want to do but I seem not to have any choice.

Running lates stable version 3.74
Android 14
Realme GT 2 Pro

Should i upload the theme file?