Unable to load exported presets

I had exported two presets from kwch a few days back and uninstalled kwch because I was trying to free space on my watch. Once I got some space freed up, I reinstalled kwch to find out that my exported presets don’t load up and show an error. I don’t know how to share the error in detail so please guide me through that as well. Would really help if I could get my presets back as it had many complications and customisations that would take a long time to redo. Thanks in advance.

Phone OS (Oxygen OS 12)
Watch - Galaxy Watch 6 (Wear OS 4)

Error that I got: None of these files have been found in ZIP Stream (and then some Java exception)

Have you tried simply moving your backup .kwch files to your “watchfaces” folder?

It’s always been in the watchfaces folder. I never moved it.

I suggest you send an email to [email protected] so they can test your backup file.

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