Unable to import KWGT files

Please help. I’m trying to put another copy of a widget that I have on the inner screen of my fold5 on the outside screen. When I click on the widget and then import and choose the widget I have exported, I just get an empty widget. I tried it with all of the widgets I’ve exported (around 10 of them). All of them give the same result. I even tried exporting an existng widget again and then importing that. I still onlly get an empty widget with no items. How can fix this? And worse, does this mean that I don’t have all of my widgets backed up by exporting? I have months of time invested in creatng these widgets!!
Thanx for help

Just to better understand, you add a widget, you press “load preset” and that fails? Or you are using the import functionality by using a file manager and clicking on the widget file from there?