Unable to edit widget despite being logged in as author (+ one more bug)

I had reinstalled KWGT and KWGT Pro Key as I was troubleshooting a bug (getting to that…) and I was trying to copy my widgets that I actually recently posted on the r/kustom subreddit a week or so ago, onto another space to make a new widget based on the same. It is locked despite being logged in as the author and its mail address that I gave when I exported it is the exact same. No changes in the author. However it is still locked despite being the author. I have lost access to the space that I was editing it (as I reinstalled) so I can’t export a non-read only file of it either.

Next, the KWGT Pro Key app that did disappear after a restart a few weeks ago has popped up back in my launcher, and this happened to my old phone as well. So I don’t think it was a device problem as both are different Android versions (old Samsung Android 12 and new OnePlus Android 14). Both are not on the beta version of the app.

To the developer, pls do help me in accessing my widgets in some way. The Pro Key also doesn’t seem to be that much of an issue right now, but it is really concerning that I am unable to access my widgets.

Bug 1: I am the author, logged in as author, yet the widgets are locked.
Bug 2: KWGT Pro Key app popped up in the launcher for both my devices.
Device Info: OnePlus Nord - Android 14, latest non-beta version from Play Store - (second device is Samsung - Android 12, latest non-beta from Play Store)

For the future please only post one bug per post

KWGT Pro disappears from the launcher if you press “hide from launcher” in the dialog when you open it, the app is still there, just hidden

Are you 100% sure that the email you used to export is equal to the email you are now logged in with? This is a requirement to read back your files, if you still have issues can you share the preset here?

Well, I did do that, now it just opens the app info page. Have restarted the phone and reinstalled the app. Still not gone. Anyways I don’t think this was a major bug so that’s why I included this here. Sorry :pensive:

I am1000% sure it’s the same account. I have not used any other account with KWGT. Also it’s a play pass account AND has the pro key. Dunno if that would mess up things but just letting you know.

Here is the widget link - VR100.kwgt - Google Drive

Oh also I did make an apk with this widget file using KAPK from your website, just an added info. Maybe that collided with the existing widget, ig - I have uninstalled that apk now and it still persists.

Thanks for responding! Can’t stop appreciating KWGT enough for its customisation options. Hope to get a resolution soon. Thx in advance!

Oh, another important update. I am able to export, but not copy now.

Ok, so thats fixed, what about copy? You mean using copy inside Kustom?

Hi, am still not able to copy the things within kustom, but am able to export so I just exported an unlocked preset and started working on it as a temporary solution