Transfering widget to nova launcher

I recently download Nova Launcher and switch to it, but the homescreen is empty, so I try to export my widget from previous launcher and make a new one in nova launcher, but I can’t find my exported widget is when im trying to import it, so does anyone know where the saved widget is? And I also found the exported widget on library, but I couldn’t open it because Im not buy the pro kwgt. It’s my own widget, why do I have to pay for it?

So can anyone can help how do I transfer my widget from previous launcher to nova launcher? Or do I have to make it all over again?

Please use 3.75, press save on the previous launcher widget then add a new one on Nova and load from the backup section, this doesn’t require pro. You need 3.75 because autosave was broken on 3.74.

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What do you mean by 3.75? Is it the version? But in the PlayStore the latest one was 3.74, is there another place to download KWGT for 3.75 version?

3.75 Is being rolled out to prod gradually you can manually upgrade via Downloads | Kustom HQ

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