Touch not working

Apparently i just noticed today that touch is not working. When i touch the widget, it wont open the specific funtion. Also when i put a new widget on screen, i cant touch it to set it up. However i able to run it if the kwgt is running on background app, when i clear or close the app, the touch wont work again.

Im using nova launcher with MIUI 11. KWGT and Nova Launcher are updated to the latest version. Im running on MIUI Global Stable

Thank you.

Okay, i just solved this by enabling permission for KWGT. In the app info, go to other permission then enable the display pop-up windows while running in the background. So far the touch problem has been solved. Thanks.

Thanks a lot man! That problem ruined my setups on my Pocophone but no more! 👍👍

Thanks alot man this was really annoying.

Thank you. I had the same problem. I did this and it is now working.

Thanks alot man, it works.

Dear please help, I have enable the permission still getting the same issue touch not working..?

Enable both klwp and kwgt..

Hello I am using MI 7 phone in kLWP touch is not responding I have a latest version of kLWP 3.4.5 please suggest me to solve this problem

Please refer to this article for a solution:

You are really dope bro, thank you very very much, bro.

Thanks a lot,bro!