Touch no longer working (it did before)

Repost of what I put on reddit

Hi there, I’m trying to make it so when I touch parts of my background an image will appear.

Issue is, I got it working. Now, it just won’t anymore.

I do not use any launcher, and I also am using a Samsung Galaxy S21+.

I am baffled as hell, and need to sleep since it was working for a while now won’t. Battery life maybe? Idk.

Last info: It works perfectly fine in the KWLP editor, but when I save it to background it won’t work.

There is always a launcher when you use KLWP, if the launcher is not sending touch to the wallpaper you can try to enable “direct touch” in the KLWP advanced settings, this will make KLWP ignore the taps sent from the launcher and use raw events. The issue with this is that it might overlap with launcher gestures so it’s off by default.

If the issue appears sporadically then it might be instead caused by the 5 seconds rule, more info around this issue can be found here: Launchers touch features support (aka remove '5' secs delay) | Kustom HQ