Touch Action - Tasker Task

I am trying to make a touch Action - to launch a shortcut - to a Tasker task. However, when I go to select Tasker, the menu to select the task to launch does not appear. Every other choice in the list responds when I select it, except for Tasker.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

I think this is a Tasker issue Kustom just launches the Shortcut Activity of the specific app. If you want you can get a full debug dump as explained HERE and email me at [email protected] but likely i wont be able to solve the problem

Hi, just found a solution for that.

As Kustom only starts a shortcut to the app, the shortcut has to be configured in the preferences of Tasker once.

E.g. ==> first launch Tasker and open preferences ==> goto Action tab and create a shortcut to the required task. This shortcut will then will also be visible when you press long on Tasker icon from main launcher.

After I had created this shortcut it was possible to select the task when Kustom opened Tasker and the back button got me back to Kustom, where I then could save the widget.

Afterwards it was possible to remove the shortcut in Tasker but Kustom still was able to launch the task.

Have fun


hey, this solution was a no-go for me - clicking launch shortcut, tasker shortcut does not reveal a menu of tasks. any other ideas?

Hi, Tasker needs to be 'closed' with the back button. On my phone KWGT displays an error when Tasker is not set to background with the back button. Do you get also this message? Maybe it helps just to 'close' Tasker with back button and try again.

Good luck

Have you allowed external access in Tasker preferences?