Too many digits of precision in latest update

Android 14, KWGT latest update 3.74b330615. This newest update is showing 8 digits of precision, instead of two. Is this intended? If so, how can I reduce it or remove fractional precision altogether?

Are you using my(round) ? This is not intended, can you paste your formula?

Hello, I posted a similar problem on Reddit after the update. I’m reporting here:

“I also have a problem with the update (KWGT in this case). Tasker is sending a variable with the value “20.3” but it shows as 20.29999924 on the widget. Tried using a “round” formula in kwgt but still shows the same wrong value”

So maybe these two issues are connected (the rounding formula problem and the decimals problem)

Are you just using $round(taskervar, 2)$ or there is something else?

Actually, the original formula is without any rounding. Is just a $br(tasker,taskervar)$+“ºC” as it is a widget to show temperature. I checked the variable that tasker was sending and it was 20.3, and as I posted above it was shown as 20.29999924ºC. I figured it was a bug so in order to try to correct it I used $round(taskervar, 1)$ but no matter how many rounding digits I used (I tried with 1 - 5) it always shows the same digits. Interestingly if I tried the rounding with a large number of digits the number would change (for example $round(taskervar, 9)$ would show a completely different number)

Ok issue confirmed, the problem is with the + operator, if you do + “C” that will be the result, working on it, edit fixed, new beta coming today


This is now fixed in build 3.74b331712
Right now its only available at Downloads | Kustom HQ
The Play Store version will be available as soon as Google approves it


Fixed here. Thanks!!

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Thanks to both of you! That absolutely fixed everything back to normal with the upgrade. Much appreciated…

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