Time zone adjustment problems

I have a KWGT widget displaying the current time. I fly a lot, and whenever I land into a new time zone, my phone's clock adjusts automatically to the new time zone, however KWGT is stuck in the old time zone. If I open the KWGT app and then close it in the recent apps list it then seems to restart and my widget is now on the new time zone. I've tried waiting about an hour before applying this workaround to see if it was just a matter of waiting long enough for KWGT to catch up but it still didn't adjust to the time zone. Would it be possible to make it so KWGT detects the time zone change and adjusts automatically? Thanks!

Ok confirmed, will fix

Thank you!

I tested this by changing the timezone of the system and the widget updated the time correctly at the next update (so not immediately i understand but at the next time tick). Are you having this issue in the default location or you are using an alternate one with a second timezone?

This is using Default (GPS) location and automatic time setting on my device. When I try changing the device time zone manually the widget indeed adjusts at the next time tick, so this seems to be related to automatic time zone changes, which makes the issue harder to troubleshoot. I'm flying tomorrow, and I've added a string to my widget so it also displays the country and longitude, to see if it senses them correctly. I tried to find a function that would output the time zone but couldn't find one, does it exist? I'll report my findings once I've arrived in the new time zone.

This is probably Android not correctly sending an Intent, will try to reproduce, i actually noted the same last flight i took

I have added a new check in next beta, please test it out once out, it should be released this week

Thank you very much for looking into this. When I switched the plane mode off after landing yesterday I was surprised to see that the widget switched over to the new time zone immediately. I don't know if this is random luck as it never happened to me before, I'll see what happens when I fly back home at the end of the week.

Are you in the beta? If you are n the beta and running latest then its the new fix i posted yesterday, if not then its weird

I'm not in the beta as far as I know, I'm running version 3.25b715214 dated 1st June on the play store. I was very surprised when it updated the time zone straight away, I'll see if it does it again on Friday. The only change I made to the widget is I added a string displaying the country and lat and long, I don't know if this could have changed something to the widget behavior.

Well I really don't know why it happens now but when I flew back home on Friday the widget adjusted to the new time zone in a matter of seconds after getting out of plane mode. I'm wondering if that has anything to do with that test string I added which displays the location. I've reverted to my original widget and I'll see if everything keeps working fine when I fly next week. Although I guess by then the new version of the app would have been rolled out so everything should work fine anyway.

Good news, lets mark this as closed in 3.26