Tiles Feature

I would like to suggest a feature or add on. I know there are many applications in playstore would perform same features. But I have some trust issues like privacy, no one knows how they were secure. And I’m a kustom user and I believe in so requesting a feature on creating notification tiles that can toggle actions on click. Or adding new launch activity from different applications activity or actions to the tile. Or kwgt actions widget some action to that tile etc…

Hi, thanks for posting an idea, you mean watch tiles or something else?

Notification tiles same like wifi or some applications buttons in notification - features like to turn on off any shortcuts or actions of applications, customized swipe gestures to change modes (e.g. I have different private DNS varieties or any multiple options to switch between that changes modes of swap or etc).

Can we create it widget for same tiles features. If not hoping to see dynamic toggle switches and more actions ( like DND Status, DNS and more).