Tasker Variables and Fitness Data (Health Connect) Still Not Showing On Watch

KWCH ver: 3.75b403516beta
Watch: GW4 Classic
Android: 14

  1. Tasker variables still not showing on watch, but do show in KWCH app configuration.

  2. Fitness data using new Health Connect configuration (e.g., Steps) not showing on watch, but do show in KWCH app configuration.

Make sure that you have the sync settings are properly set. Open KWCH from the phone >> Go to app settings >> Watchface - Set both “Global sync mode” and “Data sync mode” to Always.

Thanks for the reply.

I had tried that already, setting them to ‘Always’ but that didn’t have any effect. Turned them off and back on again, rebooted both phone and watch, but getting the same result; Tasker variables update on KWCH phone app, Step count as well, but not on the watch. The watch shows nothing for the Tasker variables, and ‘0’ for the step count. I also set KWCH to run unrestricted in the background. The Tasker variables work fine in KLWP.

I am having the same issue. Showing Tasker variables on my watch is one of the main reasons i want this KWCH app.

Tried setting “Global sync mode” and “Data sync mode” to Always. Gives no change.

Any other suggestions?

Galaxy watch 4 with samsung s20FE, android 13
KWCH 3.75b404014beta

Fitness data should sync properly from version 3.75b404116beta, it should be available on the play store in a few days, tested with galaxy watch and Samsung phone only currently.

For Tasker are you using br() in Kustom or other ways?
Does it show in the editor?

Hi, Yes i use $br(tasker, price1)$ in a text field in the KWCH editor.
For the editor it does show the value correct. But as you send the watch design to the watch it does not show the taker variable on the watch. Everything else shows, just the tasker field it is just empty.

I Will work on this, also updates for fitness are not coming at the right time.

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Looking forward to the update. Thank you!