Tasker shortcuts are no longer carried over to KWGT since Tasker update

there was currently a Tasker update, since then KWGT no longer takes over the Tasker shortcut. Old widgets where the shortcut is already saved have no problems, only if you want to set a new shortcut it doesn´t work.

Same problem here.

I ask to tasker developer and this is his answer :

Hi. That's a bug in KWGT that happens only if you are using Samsung's launcher. Can you please contact the KWGT devs about it? Thanks in advance!

So, i have samsung on android 12, one ui 4.1

On the laucher, i can select tasker shorcut. It's work fine. In KWGT, i get blank return.

Checking this in the meanwhile if you are running Kustom 3.72 you can use an URI rather than a shortcut

Sorry, but i don't understand your solution.

I don't see URI. (I check, i have 3.72, in french localisation, may be that why i don't find)

Having the same problem. Also on Samsung.

Can you please explain what you mean by using an URI instead? How would I do that?

Would be nice if this issue can be fixed in a future update.

I'm having this issue too. Is there a fix on the way?