SVG rendering problem since v3.36

Since the most recent update to v3.36, SVG rendering has been partially broken for me.

I have a widget that contains a single SVG image. The image is fetched over HTTP from a remote server. The image itself contains a style definition that includes a "global" font-family definition of "Roboto Mono", Monospace and a font-family definition of Sans-Serif for a specific class. The image also contains entities like ° (degree symbol).

This all worked fine in the past, but after updating to 3.36 the image is displayed using a serif font and the characters defined by the entities are not displayed.

The image below shows the expected rendering at the top (from desktop Chrome) and KWGT's version at the bottom. You can see that the KWGT fonts are not monospaced (or sans-serif) and that the degree symbols and arrows are missing.

The image below shows how the widget used to look on my phone.